March 25, 2007

Motor Trade Insurance – Is The Price Right?

If you’re a Motor Trader you’ll know more than anyone just how price sensitive the automotive industry can be. And as Motor Trade Insurance is likely to be one of your companies biggest outgoings paying the right price for your Motor Trader Insurance is going to be vital.

Whilst the UK has benefited from a pretty stable financial environment in recent years with rising house prices, low interest rates and many companies making money there now maybe signs of a change. During 2006 interest rates rose steadily and with 1 rate rise in 2007 already (and with more forecast as the year progresses) there is every chance that there will be less disposable income in the UK economy.

So what will this mean for consumers and Motor Traders?

Well for consumers it could mean they have less money to spend on new cars, second cars or indeed on the servicing and repair of existing vehicles. There is also every chance that as value for money becomes more of an issue they will shop around to secure the best price and service.

And when Motor Traders Insurance policies come due for renewal there is every chance they too will start looking around to secure the best deal on their Motor Trade Insurance. And if indeed money is an issue it is very easy for companies in the motor industry to opt for the cheapest is best option. After all, isn’t one type of Business Insurance pretty much the same as all the others?

Well for Motor Traders in the UK I would urge you to proceed with caution as whilst low cost motor trade insurance is available from many different insurance providers you don’t want to leave yourself in a position without the right level of cover or the right insurance excess (or deductable).

For many motor traders the best option to take when buying motor trade insurance for the first time or when their current motor trader insurance comes due for renewal would be to consult the services of an insurance broker. An insurance broker who specializes in motor trade insurance can search the market to find you the right cover at the right price so you not only save time – but you also save money.

In the event of you needing to make a claim they can also help you get the claim settled quicker and more favourably. A good insurance broker should give you advice and make sure you only pay for the insurance cover you need and want.

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March 9, 2007

Tips On Buying A Second Hand Car

Whether to buy a new car or buy a used car is often times the first decision that needs to be arrived at before you can actively begin perusing purchasing your next vehicle.

Let’s take a look at some tips, pros, and cons when it comes to making this decision.

First of all, having been in the automotive business for many years, I almost always lean toward finding a good used car that fits what I am looking for. For me, I believe that used cars offer the best value for your dollar. In most cases, you’ll find used car departments are much more used to and willing to negotiate the price that they have posted on the car. From a negotiating standpoint, most used cars won’t have all of those superfluous dealer ‘add-ons’ stuck on the window either that will just never do.

In the automotive market, used cars will most certainly come with a lower initial price tag than a comparably equipped new car. And not only will the price be lower, you may also find that so is your cost to insure the used car as well as the tags, and taxes. Depreciation being what it is; means that with a car a couple of years old, the biggest depreciation hit has already occurred. And from a tangible perspective, you may have a better chance of getting those upgrades you’d like to have on the used car that you couldn’t otherwise afford going with the new.

Yet, with all of this, buying a used car isn’t for everyone. Finding a used vehicle that fits one’s entire car buying criteria can be a tough exercise in balancing what you want with the value versus risk inherent when it comes to used cars.

Not so many years ago, reliability was a major concern when purchasing a used car… and rightfully so. Today however, reliability problems are a fraction of what they used to be. Today’s vehicles, when properly maintained will easily go for 100,000 miles and it’s not uncommon for vehicles to be motoring along as they approach 200,000 miles or more. And with all of the information now available online, the risk factor is again reduced even a bit more.

Even though more reliable today, buying a used car for people means buying a car that is probably out of its original bumper to bumper warranty. This alone, is enough to repel many potential car buyers back to the new car side of the dealership.

As you know, if you are looking at buying a used car, you are probably looking at a car that is outside the factory warranty or at least would have very little remaining. With no warranty you’ll be on the hook to pay for any needed repairs out of your own pocket. However, the biggest expense for most all cars today are the things that aren’t covered by any manufacturer’s warranty anyway; items such as brakes, tires, alignment, batteries, etc.

Of course nobody can guarantee that you won’t encounter a lemon. No matter what the make and model, no manufacturer can produce a vehicle that can withstand years of neglect and/or abuse. Always, always, always give the used car a thorough inspection both by yourself and a qualified mechanic; doing this will catch most problems that may be looming on the horizon.

When it comes to financing the purchase of a used car, you find that the going interest rates will typically be higher than new car rates. This is definitely a piece of the puzzle you’ll want to check out. There is no rule of thumb as to what the difference in the interest rate will be between the two because there are just too many determining variables involved such as; the economy, rebates and incentives involved on the new car side, your credit, length of financing, and even the type of used car you’re looking at. Be sure to crunch the numbers for both sides.

With used cars, insurance can save you some money as well because you’ll typically pay less for your insurance on a like model from a few years past. The reason is simple; less cost of replacement for the insurance company and used cars are generally not high on the stolen lists.

And finally, (the latest) safety features could be a concern if you’re looking at used car (particularly if you’re going back a few model years).

All in all, if the touch, feel, and smell of a new car, isn’t a top priority for you, I think you’ll find that a well thought out used car purchase you can get more car and features and still be within your budget.

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February 13, 2007

3 Considerations When Looking For Used Car Auto Loans

If you have made the decision to purchase a used car, no doubt it is a decision that will save you a great deal of money. Once you decide on a used car that you want, you may then want to start looking at the used car auto loans that are available to you. If you want to get a good loan for your used car, you will need to consider your financing carefully and weight all of your options. Many times, excited buyers get so excited about purchasing their car that they forget to look over the used car auto loans carefully. The following are considerations to keep in mind you are going to purchase a used car with used car auto loans.

Get Financing First
Whenever you are going to purchase a used car, you want to make sure that you qualify for used car auto loans before you go through the final details of purchasing a car. It is important that you make sure that you are approved for the financing you need before you show up at a dealership ready to buy. If you do not have the money up front when you go to a dealership, you may not be able to get a great deal. But if you have the money with you, many times you can get a better deal on your used car.

Check the Financing Contract
Before you decide to sign on any used car auto loans, you should be sure that you have read the entire contract, including all of the fine print. Many times, there are qualifications that you are not aware of or penalties for paying the loan off early. Often, these lenders may include terms that allow them to raise the interest rate if you miss even one payment. If you take the time to read the used car auto loans contract before you sign it, you will not have any unwelcome surprises coming your way in the future.

Beware of Feeling Uncomfortable
When you are dealing with used car auto loans, you should listen to any bad feelings that you may get. If you feel uncomfortable with the terms or the interest rate, you should probably forget that loan and go on looking for used car auto loans that you can feel comfortable with.

If you keep these considerations in mind when getting used car auto loans to purchase a used vehicle, you will be able to purchase your car with peace of mind. Just taking time to get your financing in the beginning and checking out the terms can save you many problems in the long run. Remember that you can never be too careful when you are dealing with used car auto loans.

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February 11, 2007

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Hybrid Car ?

One thing the hybrid cars promise users is the most, is their ability to save gas by consuming less, as well as reduction in atmospheric pollution. For that reason more people prefer to own hybrid vehicles these days. Hybrid cars run on both fuel and engines that are powered by battery. This means that, they consume less oil and emit less gas when compared to gasoline powered vehicles. Hybrid car, no doubt is a possible solution to the sporadic hike in fuel price in the oil market.

Because of the benefits or advantages accrued from using or owning hybrid cars, the US government had welcomed and supported the manufacturing of this model of car. It has also allowed importation as well as encouraging automobile company in the country like Ford and General Motors to manufacture hybrid cars.

Some of the advantages derived from hybrid cars include the following:

(a) Savings on low gas usage: Hybrid car combines both electric power and gasoline powered engine. Hence each function all by itself, and combines together depending on which is weaker or stronger when running. The regenerative braking feature enables the engine to compliment each other

(b) Consistent performance: Unlike the traditional gas powered engine, hybrid cars do not require transmissions to make their engines work at full capacity even at reduced speeds. Hybrid cars function normal and on a consistent basis at any motor speed.

(c) Environmentally friendly: Hybrid cars, because of their combination of electric powered and gasoline – powered engines, emit significantly less gas into the environment. The effect of this in the long-run will be a clean population free environment around the globe.

(d) Convenience:

Less amount is expended on gasoline for hybrid cars. This is because of the battery powered engine used by hybrid cars. This is in perfect contrast to owners of the convention gas powered cars who cannot help but feel the scourge of the soaring fuel pump price. Also, most hybrid cars are easy to maneuver on the road because of its light weight. The designs are also something to behold and they come in style.

Some are of the opinion that buying or owning a hybrid car is not ideal for now because of its expensive nature. Notwithstanding its cost, the advantages to be derived from owning this type of vehicle in the long run is worth it. It will be better if more people demand for hybrid cars because this will induce the manufacturers to manufacture more and the price will eventually fall in no time at all.

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